Our partners make us who we are.  From our clients, to our community, and all those in between.



We know that building a community is not simply about bricks and steel, it is about heart and soul. Everyone at Monteith gives back to our community and knows that doing good makes our community better and stronger.

Camp Schreiber started in 2011 with the simple idea of creating a summer camp experience for great kids overcoming big challenges on their way to graduation day.  Since then, we’ve grown up along with our campers, building the 51 WEEKS program to provide holistic support 365 days a year.

We recruit middle school boys and make a ten-year promise: to support them from middle school through college graduation.  Then we do whatever it takes to replace barriers with opportunity and empower the next generation of change-making leaders.


We deliver exceptional projects because we work with exceptional trade partners.  One of the most important relationships we continue to build day in and day out is with our partners on our job sites.

We Want to
Work With You!